When you decide to peek outside of comfort zone, you can’t help but realize, you are not born just to live a normal life of calling clients or meeting deadlines go home and repeat.

You want to change the world may be for better or for worse, you won’t know until you try right.

Time to take a step, because an idea appears only if it wants to come outside, so if you are not executing it.

It will find another person, who will then execute it and you will end up with regret, that you made that idea but someone else brought it in front of world.

Today’s world is a War of Ideas, a perfect battleground, just the way I prefer.


Reality & Fiction

Reality is just a fiction where people see, what they want to see and not, what they don’t want to see.

So no one actually knows what reality really is,

Because who will not be scared, if you suddenly found out that, you are living a lie ever since you are born.

Destiny Seekers Death

Fascinated by how destiny works a certain destiny Seekers was born in mid year.

Watching how certain incidents are timed in such certain way that, I can’t even begin to describe miraculous importance and how they change you bring you to right path.

Time has come  for destiny Seekers to disappear along with concept of seeing is believing.

Some things happen you can’t explain. They just do when you need them most, if I were to figure out how destiny works it will make things boring. 

Destiny may be rewritten but why would I rewrite something that brings so many unexpected things that I can’t even imagine. Sometimes happy sometimes sad such is the balance of life.
Sometimes you need to believe before you can see. I wish to see not to seek.

Mysterious Race

Why is it that we gain wisdom after we fall or we think we fall, picturing ourselves becoming demons, angels, saviours, guardians, Messiah so on in our heads.

Could it be humanity is the starting race, everyone is born with from start and living building themselves, falling making decisions making separate races of their own?

Not one human is same in thought process there could be billion or more races coming in to existence as time passes even this very moment. 

Each one creating a different universe, possibilities. 

Different yet connected by an unseen network, working together to bring as many possibilities, universes to life.

Reality Co.

How do we comprehend reality these days.

If a million people says something is reality, you believe it’s reality


If one person says something different, he’s considered a FOOL.

Why must one person who thinks different be a fool??? THINK

Then again it’s easy to fool a million people with something as simple as media or a ruler.


There is no such thing as True Reality.

That you believe is real, what you don’t is not, you are your own creator.