Take Time


In this Busy world,we have gotten too busy with our jobs and roles we play in everyday life that we forget to take time out.

Take time to appreciate what you have what you are building.

Take time to figure out what you want to do,where you are going.

Take time to question,am I walking on right path.

Take time to nurture relationships.

Take time to improvise than following same old loop.

Take time to realize beauty that exists around you.

Take time to be what you want to be.

Take time to smile.

Take out some time and see how life changes. Once you find out what you really should be doing.




A word which is a person’s one of biggest weakness. People often do stuff then regret later,which alone is pretty stupid. It has potential of being your biggest strength.

When You decide to do something you already concedered a possibility of things or multiple things or may be world crashing down,people getting hurt because of you. Yet you still took that decision for a reason,to achieve something.

Whatever you get embrace it with open arms it was your decision good or bad,you must face those consequences and grow,adapt and evolve or wither off altogether.

If you decide to fight,fight till the very end or not start it in 1st place.See everything till the end.

No King has conquered anything by staying in regrets.

Puppeteer World


People often live around,a misconception that world revolve around them. They think they can control,manipulate or influence people all they want.

Half of time they succed too,tis but a world of fools,none of the less expected. But rest of half time you are not controlling anyone,they are allowing themselves to be manipulated doing everything willingly because they are connected to you one way or another by love,friendship anything.

Don’t take those strings of fate for granted ,Normal puppets can be used by any puppeteer but those who willingly become puppet,should leave you will end up with Nothing,May be just another puppet for puppeteer world.




Almost whole world is drowning in it slowly slowly. People are losing the value of happiness and giving in to depression. It’s a monster who feeds upon negativity and highly capable of increasing it 10 or 100 folds in seconds.

Worst part is you will never know who is in depression it can not always be the most silent type but can also be most talkative or most laughing person. It can be anyone you wont even expect.

Be Gentle,Be Helpful and Spread Happiness around you,You might end up saving some one just by Smiling a little.

Near & Far


We often get too busy looking too far that,things which are far and unreachable becomes clear.But at same time things that are near us, which are easy to reach becomes blurry.

You end up with Nothing in the END.

Love,Hate,Care & Trust


They are not emotions but abilities, given to humans to make their life better or make it bad depending on how you choose to use them.

If you get the best of both worlds,that also mean you also get worst of both worlds as well.

To live is to suffer,face harsh world and reality that’s where these abilities kicks in, to give you an edge helping you get comrades,friends or a life partner to help face the world.To enjoy life share happiness care for ones you love.

Use your abilities well and Survive.

Yesterday is History,Tomorrow is Mystery


Things you have done till date even as every second passes it all turns in to history it will never return again it’s gone for good or bad of it,depending on decisions you made You can’t change history regretting it won’t do any good.

Present holds a very thin line between Past and Future before you realize it’s present you are already in future or that time had became history human conscience never lives in present it lives in Past and Future.

Since Present goes by too fast that human mind can’t calculate.Present disappears in same time human brain calculates that this is present.

Our Brains are slow and work at very low capacity. That being said you must make decisions in a way to make them count depending on all 3 factors not just one.

A decision made for present past future individually becomes useless you need to have all 3 working together thats why future remains a mystery it’s based on decisions you make.

Every path can have a 100 endings even slightest decision can change it or way of thinking.Take advantage of mystery factor,it means future is not only just negative but also full of positive possibilities but you can’t grab them until you calculate what exists in future itself.

It’s for you to decide you decide to become mystery achieve what only a few can or go lost in an unwritten manipulated history.